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An agile approach for implementing employee engagement 2.0?

Business, Employee Engagement
GreenBiz recently released its 2014 edition of the State of Green Business, and in it we find both good and bad news for sustainability trends. One bright spot that the […]

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Design-Thinking, Part 3: Design for Enterprise Sustainability

Business, Design-Thinking, Strategy, Sustainability, Waste
In addition to manufacturing operations, design-thinking is relevant for other business systems as well. The design-for-environment (DfE) concept that is core to lifecycle analysis and

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Design-Thinking, Part 2: Design for Social Responsibility

Business, Design-Thinking, Strategy, Sustainability
In my last post, I discussed how design-thinking can be applied to address the rampant problem of e-waste. Sustainability Certifications are helping to move industries in the right direction by

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Design-Thinking, Part 1: Design for Elimination of e-Waste

Business, Design-Thinking, Strategy, Sustainability, Waste
Here’s a simple answer to our global sustainability challenges: better design. An oversimplification? Maybe. Or maybe better design is just the reframing that is needed to solve a bevy of

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On Greenwashing

Brand, Sustainability
I recently had a conversation with a few friends about the connection between brand management and sustainability, and I used the word “greenwashing”. They laughed and said that they

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Conflicting Priorities For the Do-Good’ers

Business, Employee Engagement, Strategy, Sustainability, Waste
In my previous post about aligning a sustainability and corporate strategies I used an example of how an organization might be getting pressure from external stakeholders such as consumers to

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